My name is Jurre Rompa, 28 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam and working as a portrait and documentary photographer. After working for a dutch film distributor for a couple of years i moved to the island of Zanzibar for six months. There I made the two series 'Jungle Bees' and 'Swimming Class' of which the first one has been published in WIRED. 


WIRED, The mighty honeybee is fighting poverty and deforestation in Zanzibar' August 2018 by Laura Mallonee
BBC News, 'The forest beekeepers of Zanzibar' August 2018 by Emma Lynch
Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly, ‘Bringen Bienen den Urwald zurück?’ Spread Herbst 2018
Het Parool, Expositie Nieuw Talent, December 2018 by Maarten Moll

Ace & Tate, ‘The true heart of Benny Sings’ January 2019 by Louise Goodger
Kiekie Tabloid, Interview about Jungle Bees, February 2019 by Anne Groos
Ace & Tate, Career Girls, a podcast about women, work and winning | Michaela DePrince, May 2019
De Volkskrant, De atypische muzikant Thomas Dulfer maakt muziek met fagot en zijn hartslag’ August 2019 by Maartje Stokkers

Bloemenbar, Amsterdam, 'The Zanzibar'
Pop-Up Museum Identities, Amsterdam, ‘Jungle Bees & Swimming Class’
Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht, ‘Portretten Forum van de Regisseurs’
Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, ‘New Dutch Photography Talent 2019’

Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, ‘One Day Gallery by DON’


GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2019
FRESH EYES Photography Talent Europe 2019